Roland D-20
Roland D-20

D-20, Digital Synth from Roland.

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Régis 07/29/2013

Roland D-20 : Régis's user review


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Workstation for 89 years ... One of the first
8-track sequencer with more battery. (Not failed),
sounds pcm Fully editable
The sounds were less realistic than the u20 but very good anyway
16 multitimbral, 32 voice polyphony but some sounds are four
Midi in out and thru
Headphone output
R / L outputs
Taken pedal
Pitch bend wheel roland
A floppy drive to save sequence, aff'd sounds .....
61 keys keyboard synthesizer great, good quality
Some effects reverb chorus. But overall if you're in multiplayer mode
Some embedded in a rhythm sequencer rhythms

Conccurent of the era who had a yamaha v50 seq step. But he flopped. It was less pro plasticky
Charlemie sewing was one with him to compose al era


ExtremeNet powerful and comprehensive. The edition of sounds and LA cfm allowed to return to the world of audio architect.
You could spend hours in a day to create its sound. Even if the small screen, ca al remained very modern era and accessible
The bank of sounds syssex were sold, very good quality
A very good big well done manual
Part twelve o'clock well detailed implementation, enabling enter the sysex from a ouil atari, mac and pc later


Given in the context, sounds allowed to do good creations.
Not so realistic, but good water and electric piano strings, organ rock.
A soundtrack Terrile the airplane texas .... Full of sounds that are found on the first CD of the top 50
J had bought bank of sounds on disk that metamorphosed. The sounds were terrible!
Warm tones of saw and square


Over twenty years, the keyboard, sensors have deteriorated!
Back then it was costing about 2000 € new either 14000francs