Roland D-20
Roland D-20

D-20, Digital Synth from Roland.

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powerchordfx 01/29/2003

Roland D-20 : powerchordfx's user review


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61-key classic quip connections (Midi Output + headphone). Multi-timbral 8 tracks + batteries, the keyboard includes a while (the era rvolutionnaire) squenceur + box + a gnrateur rhythms of analog waves (like Juno) + a g nrateur wave PCM + HD floppy drive.
On leaving, c'tait a monster!


Operation is super simple in all areas: using simple keyboard spliter or not as the edition of the sounds, rhythms, etc ... In short, everything is easy and the instructions are clear trs.
The only lack the flexibility squenceur mode: you can not really touch and polyphony is too small to grate 8 tracks.


Ben, c'tait of the era synths so over now, there is a bad. Many of the sounds lack ism and especially some PCM samples are filled with breath sounds (c'tait The beginning of synthses PCM). That said, all sounds are analog. The editor allows the sound of Fast Fashion trs complex loops up to 4 samples per sound. In short, for those who love the sound Fast Fashion, c'tait a treat (it happened when same-breath and remove the noise by filtering).


For beginners, it's a great synth. The floppy disk drive allows you to customize the sounds, rhythms. Thus, on disk, you can have several banks of sounds or rhythms.
Besides a, a keyboard is super strong. If the keys are a little tired, you just have to disassemble (beware of electronic tracks, the Casing is mtallique) and leave the keys a one, then you change all the rubber marks (a set of 61 notes sells for about 20 Euros) and you with a keyboard with a touch like new!
In short, I have used for over 10 years, I know 100%. It can really make a lot of things this type of synth (the synths of today, it is + or - D20 with more polyphony and an improved sound synthse).