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Denys 12/20/2004

Roland D-50 : Denys's user review


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See below ...
it is not multitimbral (but I knock ...).


I never n'dite sounds (it's not my thing). I found everything I need on the web to do so on the other hand.


See global opinion


I bought used there for over 10 years. I thought to sell a few years ago. On reflection, a nice t s'eut BTIS. I have since rcupr tons of sounds on the web and I redcouvert this machine.
I used a rock blues band.
The sounds cover a wide range. I use a lot of Hammond B3 type sounds, a beautiful 'wurlitzer' and beautiful 'Rhodes' and webs of strings.
What pushes me to buy another synth: no acoustic piano sounds worthy of the name, or touch the piano. no drum kit
What will I keep the same APRS buying another synth (for example, a Yam-S 90 + (a roland VK8M or rack Clavia Nord Electro)): the feel of the keyboard to the organ. all I could ssay up Submitted really plastoc two balls cot. Ton of sounds Tlcharger
The Rasht I? so if a good opportunity Submitted (150 parrait me a max)