Roland XP-50
Roland XP-50

XP-50, Digital Synth from Roland in the XP series.

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tonton joe 12/09/2004

Roland XP-50 : tonton joe's user review


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There's the bare minimum, see .... 5 octave keyboard, 64 voices polyphony, 500 patches plude, floppy drive, squenceur, some effects (of which only a few audible ....), not to mention the possibility of extension of sound cards: A workstation sympatoche!
The BMOL: a midi in, midi out one, and "thank you it is closed "....( sr is not a keyboard matre but ...
A "beautiful" orange LCD display 2-line, only Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles can appreciate its true value .... Prvoyez mutual good for your eyes ;-)


Usage fairly intuitive, despite the notch ..... is called the sounds of Manir simple and without much difficulty. In case of problem, the manual is explicit and TRS will be able to meet the needs of the most "entts" (yes, yes, I assure you I am living proof).
changes aisment octaves are feasible in real time, and I squenceur which serves all of 36 months is largely due to its simplicity NEWS utilisationn of, and progamme. Including the sequences of prparer squence! The top, even if better today.


This is the part of the notice which is the largest but also the most subjective! So all dpend of your use of synth. However, some lments are unmistakable:
First piano sounds ("nice piano" "in particular). This is the Roland, and say nothing while the unit is 1996, the piano sounds of newts and company does not catch as much as those the Xp-50.
A real rgal! grain roland what!
It's the same type for Hammond organ sounds are excellent Lorqui the effects and worked with some modulation. This gives a small ct Leslie (all proportions guards) trs fat that gives its charm ..... must have the patience to look at it.
The rhodes are not bad, but nothing to my ears. As for copper, which are so difficult to reproduce (unless you have a sampler, which is the top for the reproduction of them), they have the MRIT not to shock the ears of fans in the Mati re. Some sections are nice.
The tablecloths are numerous and rich enough to sample the possibility of using the 4 channel DIFFERENT process: this is where the 64-voice polyphony gives full measure of its value.
The bass is nice and many extrment! I use it especially with an AX-7 (portable midi keyboard), for chorus galore make me walk on scne: Dmoniaques the babasses so. (APRS Prior work at the outcome level, however).
Ct of lead, I have a bit of my hunger ...


A report quality price crashing (about 650 eur for OCCAZ), which is the xp-50 is a device extrment rare on the market and the opportunity taken by consquence trs. ("The rarity is the value of things." Karl Marx).
64-voice polyphony (which is not always the case today! almost eight years following the SoRIE the Xp-50 !!!!!), squenceur, floppy drive, patches galore .... It is a worthy hritier expander JV-1080: a workstation that I recommend all BUDGET FOR COURSE !!!!!!!!
The sound quality and tural and it made me happy as well as of musicos who are with me (which I also support), be it in my funk band, or occasionally in training Latin or m my blues! This keyboard can do everything as long as one is polyvent! But, ca dpend more to you than the XP-50 ....
Friends of the nobility you can also type in the XP-80 if you allow your SAVINGS. More touches, more effects etc ... but more as tunes (about 800 eur).
Personally it makes me happy on scne coupled with an AX-7 and a Roland A90 EX also (sectarian brand me?)
I'm really attach his bank of sounds, and only a removal of my hands could lead me Sparer now (knock on wood).