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DJ Gear user reviews

  • Stanton Magnetics C.500

    Stanton Magnetics C.500 - "A+"


    The Stanton C500 is a dual DJ CD player that is very well priced for this competitive market. The C500 is ideal for mobile DJ’s, it is a perfect system to rack u. It has a jogwheel that will give you full control over your pitch bend, a start functi…

  • American Audio Radius 3000

    American Audio Radius 3000 - "Good price"


    The American Audio Radius 3000 is a table top CD or MP3 playing CDJ system. It will play CD and CDR disk, and you can play all your music from a USB or external hard drive, and the managing system with the American Audio Radius is very in detail by b…

  • Pioneer CDJ-850

    Pioneer CDJ-850 - "cheaper than the 900 but same abilities "


    The CDJ 850 is one of the best and most affordable solutions to having a CDJ set up. It is made by Pioneer and for years they have been making these CDJ units and they are very well built and constructed. The CDJ 850 is one of the cheaper ones when i…

  • Pioneer CDJ-900

    Pioneer CDJ-900 - "A Must Have For The Working DJ"


    The Pioneer CDJ 900 is a MP3 CD Player that has all of the professional features needed for the working DJ. You can play back WAV, AAC and MP3 files and play back all files coming from a CD or USB cards. Using USB with the CDJ 900 could not be any ea…

  • Numark NS6

    Numark NS6 - "Make sure your computer can handle it"


    The Numark NS6 is a DJ Controller and Mixer that is very versatile. I have not seen many similar consoles that can do everything the NS6 can do, and do it fluidly. Using the mixer is very easy, it comes with a software called Serato which could take …

  • Denon DJ SC3900

    Denon DJ SC3900 - "It has some great new features"


    Using the Denon DJ SC3900 was a decent experience for me and there are not too many negative things that I can say about it except for the price. I am not happy with the price tag by Denon. Most of all the equipment that they make is very well built …

  • Pioneer CDJ-2000

    Pioneer CDJ-2000 - "Bright and Big Display Screen"


    The CDJ 2000 has a very high performance deck as well as the ability to play things via WiFi from your computer PC or Mac, and also from your phones (iPad, iPhone, Androids). You can use a hard wired connection to achieve playback as well via SD card…

  • Numark PT01

    Numark PT01 - "Digging? Buy one of these!"


    The thing that you simply have to admire about this unit is it's simplicity, functionality and mobility. If you go out to dig for some vinyl you just have to get one of these. You can easily listen to the records and determine quickly how well (or no…

  • Gemini DJ CDJ-700

    Gemini DJ CDJ-700 - "Lots of bugs!!!"


    Im sure it is a good product, but in my case I've had lots of problems with them due to the dozens of bugs they have... I guess it is because they have a pretty old firmware (2.6.9) I also know there is the latest one (4.1) which might fix most of th…

  • Gemini DJ UMX-9

    Gemini DJ UMX-9 - "Used it for less than a year and loved working with it."


    Using the DJ Gemini UMX-9 was a very good experience for me, the reason that I purchased it was because I needed a good quality mixer for the time being and I couldn’t afford a high end one so I chose to go with the Gemini UMX-9. The UMX-9 has 3 ster…