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DJ Gear user reviews

  • Pioneer EFX-500-R

    Pioneer EFX-500-R - "DJ gear that rocks"


    The Pioneer DJ EFX 500 is an in depth unit that can do a lot more than you think that it can. Plus its not really that hard to get to understand it without the manual. I go it without a problem in only about 2 hours and was ready to roll. There are s…

  • Numark CDX 1

    Numark CDX 1 - "works like a charm"


    The Numark CDX 1 is a table top do unit that has a record player type of feel to it, for the old school DJ’s switching over to CD’s and mp3’s this unit is perfect for you. Just slide your cd in the front loading dock and you can start scratching wit…

  • Numark NDX400

    Numark NDX400 - "worth it, invest!"


    I have used the Numark NDX 400 on several occasions , though I do not own this unit at the current time but a friend does and I get the chance to use it a lot. I have ready no manual for this device and can use all of the functions without a problem.…

  • Pioneer CDJ-200

    Pioneer CDJ-200 - "grade a"


    The Pioneer CDJ 200 is a pro cd and mp3 player. It is very compact and sleek with a very nice and stylish design that anyone can appreciate. As soon as you turn it on, it illuminates and looks great. The general use of the Pioneer cj 200 is very eas…

  • Reloop Scratch 2

    Reloop Scratch 2 - "Really good mixer for it's price"


    I could repeat the product specs, but i will just adress a few things that weren't mentioned. -It's a budget rip-off of the vestax pmc 07(nicely done though) -The line faders are 45 mm, not 60 mm -The crossfader is super smooth (more on that late…

  • Pioneer EFX-500-R

    Pioneer EFX-500-R - "Hardware Tactile DJ effects that stand up in a world of Software"


    The effects covered in this unit are quite comprehensive. You essentially have two categories, beat mapped and non beat mapped. The beat mapped effects include delay, echo, pan, flanger and transformer. The non beat mapped effects include Jet, zip…

  • SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U

    SKB Studio Flyer Portable Studio Rack 4U - "The ideal travel solution..."


    Studio Flyer 4U is a four space rack with lap top compartment on top. They also make a 2 U version with lap top compartment that is likely small enough to be used as carry-on luggage. This one is definitely too large for carry on. Then again it has …

  • Chesley / Freevox  M7001

    Chesley / Freevox M7001 - "iám looking for aan users guide fo Chesley Freevox m7001"


    Iám looking for a users guide for Chesley Freevox M7001. Who can help me, and send one to me by mail. UTILIZATION Iám looking for a users guide for Chesley Freevox M7001. Who can help me, and send one to me by mail. SOUNDS Iám looking for a use…

  • Stanton Magnetics SCS.4DJ

    Stanton Magnetics SCS.4DJ - "Not bad at all"


    I've been using it for a month now. I have previously used hercules, american audio vms4, and behringer mixers, plus Denon and Pioneer complete sets. In terms of mixing, it's the easiest way to mix. If you know your songs, it's impossible to get i…

  • Stanton Magnetics T.50

    Stanton Magnetics T.50 - "You can Really go to work with this.."


    I was looking for a new turntable after the motor in my old one had died. My requirements are for a turntable to connect to my computer to digitize my record collection, and some occasional light DJ work. I already have a mixer for the line output an…