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DJ Gear user reviews

  • Hercules DJ Control Instinct

    Hercules DJ Control Instinct - "It is ok, I used it as a back up"


    The Hercules DJ Control Instinct is not only affordable but it has a very nice feel to it for it to be in this price range. There are two jog wheels that are pressure sensitive and there are mixer controls in the center of the set up with individual …

  • Gemini DJ FirstMix

    Gemini DJ FirstMix - "could work for a first time user"


    The Gemini FIRSTMIX is a USB controller that is great for a “first time” controller. It is great for learning and practicing with. But most users make the mistake of it feeling like a real turntable because of the two platters that are similar to vin…

  • Numark MP103USB

    Numark MP103USB - "Works with any system"


    The Numark MP103 is a professional USB CD player that can be racked. The price of this rackable unit is very reasonable considering some of the similar models that have the same specs cost about 25 percent more. This unit has great features that got…

  • Numark NDX400

    Numark NDX400 - "Good"


    The Numark NDX 400 was in my set up from around the summer of 2011 up until the summer of 2012. It help up very good and never gave me any issues. The only issue that I would encounter with it is with the CD’s. They had to be pretty much flawless wi…

  • Gemini DJ CDM-3250

    Gemini DJ CDM-3250 - "Solid CDJ Unit"


    The Gemini CDM-3250 is a dual CD console platter that can be racked. This mixing console is very powerful but still simple to use. It has two separate job wheels and is very mobile. With this console it is easy to have one track playing, search for …

  • Numark iM1

    Numark iM1 - "iPod Dock built in"


    The Numark IM1 is a two channel mixer that has a built on iPod Dock which is basically the only difference between this one and the original version of this mixer. The iPod Dock is a huge feature, not only can you play directly from your iPod but mor…

  • Numark C1

    Numark C1 - "Get it, Rack it"


    The Numark C1 is a rackable 3 channel mixer and at this price, this would be my first choice of a rackable mixer if I was starting all over. It is very affordable and has all of the high end features any DJ can appreciate. This was more expensive whe…

  • Stanton Magnetics M.203

    Stanton Magnetics M.203 - "all the bells and whistles "


    The Stanton M .203 is a two channel mixer that cost just less than 100 dollars. Being that this unit cannot be racked caused a serious issue for me after traveling with it for a while. I like to be able to have my mixers racked every now and then. I …

  • Numark M2

    Numark M2 - "Just the right price!"


    The M2 from Numark has a solid steel construction and has an even better price tag than a lot of other mixers. It has two channels and is the type of mixer that is perfect for the stage! I was using this mixer for about 5 months for some smaller gigs…

  • Numark M101

    Numark M101 - "An affordable starter mixer"


    The Numark M101 is a two channel DJ mixer that is made for the working DJ or performing DJ. Out of all of the times I have used this mixer I have experienced zero problems with it and it has worked great. It is very affordable and made out of solid s…