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DJ Gear user reviews

  • Pioneer DJM-500

    Pioneer DJM-500 - "Do not buy it" has images


    yes UTILIZATION faders go hard , great rustling background SOUNDS something very strange happens mixers Pioneer ... not the first time I see that change their behavior as obsolete. when are we going well, but as time passes, everything sou…

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4

    Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 - "One of my favs"


    The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 is a complete DJ system from head to toe. You will be able to run a whole set with this set up no matter what your skill level is, it is great for beginners to learn with and understand how to use a controlle…

  • Serato Serato Video

    Serato Serato Video - "Enhance your set"


    Serato Video gave me no compatibility issues when installing it on my computer. You can run it on just about any system or computer as long as you have a decent amount of RAM available. This plug in will allow you to sync up videos with your music se…

  • Power Acoustics PMP 803 s

    Power Acoustics PMP 803 s - " Very good console"


    3 models / POWER 803/803R/803S Rack-mountable: Yes Connection options: RCA/JACK/DIN (for the starts) Master out 1 and out 2, one record output, input 1 and input 2, light show output 4 mic/line, 3 phono/line with start, one DJ deck with presence …

  • Technics SL-DZ1200

    Technics SL-DZ1200 - "Sensei Haus Vinyl Surface Discs for SL-DZ1200"


    Got my technics sl-dz1200's on ebay and bough these sensei haus discs right after cause one of my decks was missing a platter these are a great product I recommend them to anyone who owns these decks got the blue high quality vinyl too.…

  • Audiophony DJazz

    Audiophony DJazz - " That's good!"


    How long have you been using? Few weeks Did you try many other models before buying it? Yes many consoles from Hercules to Pioneer ... What feature do you like most? Able to manage the effects completely solo or triple with NI Traktor, th…

  • Numark Mixdeck Quad

    Numark Mixdeck Quad - "This can do it all"


    I just had a chance to use the MixDeck Quad last week for the first time and at first glance I did not think that I was going to like it very much, but boy was I wrong. It has beat synced effects right on the unit without the need to sync with a com…

  • Numark 4trak

    Numark 4trak - "price drop"


    The Numark 4Trak can be purchased online now for an amazing price, I am actually a little upset that when I purchased it I had to pay the regular release price and now it is so low. This DJ controller will allow you to take complete control over you…

  • Numark V7

    Numark V7 - "real vinyl feel"


    The Numark V7 is a software controller for your computer, it will sync with it quickly and easily. Usually with software controllers you will notice how cheap they feel because they are just controllers and you cannot really do anything with just the…

  • Numark Mixdeck Express

    Numark Mixdeck Express - "Mix from CD or Hard Drives"


    The Numark MixDeck Express is a mixer control surface that you can plug up to your PC via USB. It has dual CD decks and a 3 channel mixer. It comes with Serato DJ software (which I cannot stand) and has 2 touch sensitive platters for spinning. Using…