patacha 04/03/2010

Taylor 110 : patacha's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Mexico.
Channel Sapele (similar to mahogany).
Massive table.
20 frets, body of moderate size.


Handle very nice, not very wide, which does not interfere in anything.
Action set correctly on the original model tested.
Rather light weight.
Access to acute as difficult as all Dreadnought without cutting.
This guitar is not hard to play, the sound is too "easy" to leave at the top or the bottom of the handle: no such decline in the high noise level, that we find on many of entry-level guitars.
I have not noticed anything regarding the curvature of the handle.


It can play anything convincingly: blues, folk, picking ... she never seems jettisoned.
Bright and balanced notes stand out well, and this remains the case even when played louder.
Good dynamic: it is possible to play softly or harder, the game variations are transmitted.


€ 619 bought in stores today in Bordeaux through comparisons with two entries range from Art & Lutherie (about 350 €) and Seagull (S6 for about 450 €).
No photo, the order price is met in terms of approval for gaming and sound quality. The Seagull is really good if you do not want or can not exceed 450 €.
But here, the Taylor 110 is easier, more brilliant and balanced ... Briefly, all better.
It is the result of reflection started two years ago to buy the first "folk" (I'm pretty electric). After testing LL6 Yamaha, Fender Ensenada, "small" Martin, Simon & Patrick, Cort, Guild (very good) ... I opted to purchase a piece of wood at 70 € on the net just to see, without regret. Today I am more able to understand what I expect from a folk and Taylor brings me 110.
This is subjective and I advise you to try in store first. I am very happy not to have put € 300 into a guitar two years ago because I still had some gaps in this price range.
Excellent value for money (600 €).