MGR/Ron 12/30/2003

Taylor 110 : MGR/Ron's user review

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I purchased this guitar in Waynesboro, Virginia at Tim Spears Music City. The cost was $560. This included the soft case. Tim has a large selection of Taylor guitars from the least expensive to the more expensive.

The 110 has a great price for a full size (dreadnaught) guitar. I have tried a number of Taylor and Martin Guitars. This guitar has a sound that compares with any of the more expensive guitars. It does have a solid spruce top with laminated side and back. The finish is flat and the back, side and neck have the appearance of Seagull guitars (a more natural look).

I had to try several before I found one that had a good sound. I also do not like Elixir strings which come standard. I switched from medium to light gauge and noticed little if any changes except it is easier to play and chord. A hardshell case would be nice, but the gig bag is okay (well made). It lacks some of the fancy designs of more expensive guitar but I really like the plain look.

The guitar appears to be constructed well. There is no back bracing but the back has an arch. I will install a mike or pickup later (AudioTechnica mike of a Fishman pickup with a preamp). I did not want a guitar with a hole in the side for pickup controls. This does not have a pickup system although the 110 does come with a stock pickup system. By the way, the intonation on this guitar, like all Taylors, is great.

This is an outstanding guitar for the price. Better than Martin's I have tried with similar price. It compares favorably with higher priced Taylors. I would highly recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a full size guitar in a lower price range. It is much better than a number of cheaper guitar lines.

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