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Sennheiser e 935
Sennheiser e 935
bbroi bbroi
Published on 02/12/06 at 02:49
Value For Money : Correct
Cardioid dynamic microphone for singing. Rponse in frquence: 40 to 16,000 Hz Designed for use scnique. Permissible sound pressure: 150dB.


I have been using PRS 2 years (I think). No problem encountered can be from a high output level which could lead loadings on sono poorly adapted (plutt low-end). A rponse in frquence trs adapts the game in groups. The voice is reproduced without these low Manir natural and artificial flattering to bury the singer in frquences instruments. Good rjection rear, so little attachment to trs feedback. No effect of proximity Gnant. No rumors of manipulation.

I tried the Shure equivalents (beta. ..) and I opt for the Sennheiser ct for its "natural" reproduction of the voice. He has no ct trsmdium of Shure and leaves a little more room to rsonnances acoustic singer. It is less color and much more suited all styles. I think, without seeing the curve, that a bump in the top mdium, allowing voice really out of the mix without betraying the natural range.

I do not regret my choice. I opt for the 935 rather than the 945 because I'm also a guitarist and it seems too risky to have a super-cardioid, due to head movements. A report qualitprix correct.
I tested this after noon on a snare drum and I'll let you know if it should not use this!