iZotope Stutter Edit
iZotope Stutter Edit

Stutter Edit, Effect sequencer from iZotope.

JimboSpins 10/06/2012

iZotope Stutter Edit : JimboSpins's user review

« took my transitions and fills to new levels »

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I use iZotope Stutter Edit Effects on my Windows PC running windows 7 and it works great and has never caused any issues in Ableton Live. I have also used it on my Mac studio computer and it works great there as well. You can use it as a VST with just about any audio editing or music composing software that is out and it is very stable and will not crash and burn on you. IZotope Stutter Edit Effects is a great plug in to have for your fills and transitions. Normally it would take me hours sometimes to have all of my effects a fills/ build ups. I feel like these are parts of songs that are over looked and they can really add some flare to your music or mixes. Using the Stutter Edit by iZotope has made this extremely easy for me and I am able to get it done way faster than I ever could. You can play effects like you can an instrument right on your MIDI controller, and everything is real time. The manual is easy to understand, but watching tutorials online is a lot better.


The iZotope Stutter Edit Effects works great, it has never caused any issues or concerns. I have been using it since January of this year, after purchasing it for a New Year software deal online. It has been a great purchase for me and cut hours off of my final mixing process with adding and editing effects and transitions. Its better than the glitch VST.


How easy it is and quick it is are my favorite things about it, some people compare it to glitch but to me its way better, it has a more user friendly interface and is a lot more efficient. The price to purchase this plug in is so low you just have to buy it. If they have a trial version online I suggest trying it out, you will be purchasing it soon!