Shure Beta 87C
Shure Beta 87C

Beta 87C, Electret Microphone from Shure in the BETA series.

acromontagne 09/06/2004

Shure Beta 87C : acromontagne's user review


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Micro Chant static scene. Cardioid 87A which is contrary to hypercardioid


I for one year.
Much more heat than the grain and SM58. At least for the whispered voice, it's huge. I also find it much better than the cash 58, no need too do the yoyo at the microphone, depending on whether I sing loudly or softly.
For a static, there is too much pb feedback. I come every time to have a correct level in return. By cutting around 400 Hz and 4 KHz.
I tried that once her little brother 87A (UHF) and I had a lot more hassle in return.
It is three times more than the 58 but it certainly gives me 10 times in terms of comfort.
There is still much cheaper than its competitor at Neumann.
Be careful though apparently this microphone is not suitable for all types of voice.
A great purchase! For me, this microphone has become indispensable. Now I am looking for a good compressor - pre amp to associate