B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass

Warlock Widow Bass, 4-string bass guitar from B.C. Rich.

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MGR/Irulesoha 05/27/2003

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass : MGR/Irulesoha's user review

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I got this little beast of a guitar at some music store in stockton, i think it was the music box or some name like that. I paid 150 dollars or so on it. I got a strap, couple picks, a stand, a little squire sidekick amplifer and of course, the beast.

Well, my beast is black and heavy. I like the heavy feel to it, its not going anywhere when i play it. The strap i got with it holds well. The double humbuckers are nice and it sound GREAT!. Its truely a guitar made for heavy metal, its awesome killer looks and heavy deep sound gives it a true metal edge.

People say this guitar is heavy and they need a rest when they play, they're just weak, i can play this beast standing for hours at a time. The only problem i don't like about it is that the wiring is screwed up. A lot of times the jack breaks because the wires come lose and the switch is a little touchy at times too.

Construction is great, it stays in tune and the frets are nice. The frets seem to be closer together too. The hardware seems nice too. Just the wiring sucks...

Overall great guitar, there isn't anything i would take over it...exept maybe Zakk Wylde's Les Paul but thats it. I like the heavyness and the looks, great for metal music!

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