B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass

Warlock Widow Bass, 4-string bass guitar from B.C. Rich.

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MGR/The Dark One 06/08/2003

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass : MGR/The Dark One's user review

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I bought this at Guitar Center for about $191. It was a gift pack, so i got an amp and other goodies.

This is one of THE best looking guitars on the market that the general public can afford. I love the fixed bridge. This way, I can rest my hand on the bridge for those heavy sounding muffled/palm-muted notes. I've been wanting a 24-fret guitar for a while, after being stuck with a 21-fret Squier. It doesn't take much to hold the strings down on this guitar, and the sustain is excellent. The humbucking pickups give it that heavy sound.

The back of the neck isn't waxed, so it isn't as smooth as other guitars. That also causes dirt to build up on it. Sweaty palms can't help too much there either, I guess.

Excellent quality. It's very durable. I haven't tested that factor THAT much though. I treat it as if my life depended upon its well-being.

Awesome guitar, and very well put together. The neck needs a finish on it, though. This is an excellent guitar for any poor heavy metal guitarist, like me. Actually, I didn't really know about B.C. Rich until i saw an add for their artist signature series in Guitar World. I'm glad I got it, though.

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