B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass
B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass

Warlock Widow Bass, 4-string bass guitar from B.C. Rich.

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MGR/opie 07/30/2004

B.C. Rich Warlock Widow Bass : MGR/opie's user review

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off of music123.com which they are a great webiste because their cheaper on everything and i got my guitar in like 4 days with free shipping you cant beat that!

i love the looks obviously, the sound is good for hard metal, i also have a standard fender strat and of course the sound doesnt even come close to the strat but if you are into metal and just starting off this guitar is perfect, i like the humbuckers but ill probably swith them out for seymour duncans dimebuckers to get a crunchier sound

i dont like the strings that it comes with i switched them to ernie balls .009 gauge cant remember the exacts except for i know their ernie ball and they are .009 gauge, that made a big difference other than thats its an awesome guitar

i havent had it too long so i don't really know but i know that its a little heavy but nothing to be scared of you get used to it, after a couple days you dont even think about it, but from the feel of it, it seems like it would stand up longer than my fender but of course thats just cause its heavier but come on its a fender itll last longer most likely LOL!

well, basically its a bad ass lookin guitar especially if you get the widow headstock, and it is a fast playing heavy metal guitar perfect for beginners i dont think i recomend it for gigs but maybe i will try sometime but i do recomend buying it if your begining or just trying to start a collection its perfect even if you just mount it on the wall.

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