Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Geddy Lee series.

moosers 02/04/2009

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass : moosers's user review


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The Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass I have was made in the USA. I'm not sure how many frets it has but has a single pick up and a volume and tone control for it. It is made very well and while it is the Geddy Lee model, this is a real Jazz Bass and sounds and feels like a Jazz Bass to me.


The neck on this bass has a very nice feel to it. It is easy to play on the last frets and just feels good all around when you are playing it. It isn't too heavy, but isn't the lightest bass I've played. I love the sound I can get out of this as it definitley has a 'Geddy Lee' like sound. It is easy to get a good sound from it and the tone control allows for the ability to make a few different types of tones.


The bass fits my style of music, which is mostly rock, pop and folk. It works great as a kind of 'lead bass' type sound and can also sound really heavy and full to fill up that bottom end of the spectrum. I have used it mostly with a Peavey bass amp for live shows and usually record it with a DI box. You can get a pretty clean tone from it and you can also get it to sound pretty gritty as well - most of it is in the fingers, but the bass is definitley pretty versatile.


I've been using the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass for about four years. For the price it gives me a bass with a good feel and tone that doesn't break the bank. While you could probably sound like Geddy with this bass, it isn't limited to just sounds like that and is an overall good sounding bass. While it isn't as good as some of the other Jazz Basses I have played, for the price it is a great option that sounds pretty darn good.