Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Geddy Lee series.

Lolio 12/06/2004

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass : Lolio's user review


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See notice below.
To handle: Between the delicacy of the subject and the quality of the varnish is actually a highway.
For cars: I do not know quite what to think. I kept the original ones which I do not pose a problem when I play.
The quality of the polish of the body seems to me to be good because I only managed to make it a little tchard in a year and a half I took him with me at work to play at MIDI! I would say that the whole gives a sense of quality both in the elements used in the assembly.


The handle? Frankly I do not see how there could be a more enjoyable round. We say the measure. With a good varnish. The thumb has very easy access to the E string which is nice to slap. Access to acute not particularly difficult.
Totally agree with Larrytron: this bass is made for the slap. It snaps, it sounds even without amp (I think it comes from other type of frets used) and above the neck is fast. It's easy. it's been a year and a half that I and the handle has not moved: he was perfectly settled Ha.


For me to base it on his "jazz bass" so the standard in my opinion. I set up a J-retro preamp above for more fishing and a wider range of sounds without affecting the next Jazz bass (I preferred to keep the original pickups). Half the time I play without the preamp. I used mostly at home when I plugged directly into the sound card and / or headphones when I play.


What I like most is the ease of play slap in particular. But it remains a versatile low: Thurs finger, pick, tapping, harmonics without any sound problems. I use it to repeat, on my amp (Ampeg B5R) and my sound card (emu0404) with which I play a lot with headphones.
I put the armor and shielded cable to reduce the paratroopers to the max without changing the pickups. Blackpearloid plate and straplocks.