Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass
Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

Classic '50s Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Classic Precision Bass series.

Beansbassman 12/20/2008

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass : Beansbassman's user review


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Classic series, the best made in mexico.
for all the specs is available at Fender ( http://www.fender.fr/products//view_specs.php?full_partno=0131702&name=%9150s%2BPrecision%2BBass&reg%3B )
most are:
-The hardware Vintage: trestle bridge spiral reversed mechanical (riveted), thin frets.
C-type handle one piece dark stained gloss varnish Mapple, the rendering is beautiful.
The gold-anodized pickguard, with a beautiful 2 tone sunburst.
-It is a precision: the Plug & Play bass .... one volume, one tone and go!

Are the least like all the time in Mexico Fender:
-Electronics is very cheap .... but it is a false problem because with € 15 and a few strokes of the soldering iron, can be installed on top of passive knobs CTS and capacity sprague orange drop.
-The use of a polyurethane varnish (same series on the US) cellular damage as they reserve the american vintage series and artist.


The handle is not the end but at the same pleasant, radius 7.25 "gives a touch more rounded and thin frets require more precision, but ultimately it is a treat.
The sound is there, and even more "growly" with an upgrade of the electro and micro (Lindy Fralin antiquity or SD II)
and settings-simple, in short it is a PB, bass ...


From punk to metal, from reggae to rock, the PB is at ease in all situations, except for the tapping of fireworks, step, and others ....
Fingers or plectrum, she is job and does it very well.
Personally, I set up nets flat top, it is now my perfect shuffle machine.


I've had one month and I made some upgrades on it (elections and micro), even as the price remains well below a series american (not talking about an american vintage) for a benefit is more than sufficient for most bass players.

I recommend it to everyone.

Edit of 28/05/2010:
That's nearly a year and a half that I use this bass, so with hindsight I have some observations:
-The handle has a tendency to hang a lot when sweating of the hands ... If this is your case you just need to sand the back of the neck with a paper in 1000 to water, the report is that it becomes a satin true "highway".
I recommend ropes rounwound 45/100 to fully exploit the possibilities of beautiful, flat yarn not deprive it of personality, for a more matte, you have to work the technique handmute or slip foam under the strings near the bridge.
In-registry mods, I refinished the body surf green with a PU thinner, I changed the 3 ply pickguard for a simple white and the bridge for a Gotoh 201.

In short, it was not perfect but after a few changes and alterations of parts is a real bomb!

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