Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass
Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass

Classic '50s Precision Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender in the Classic Precision Bass series.

ThibaultEsteve 02/17/2011

Fender Classic '50s Precision Bass : ThibaultEsteve's user review

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I think other people have summed it up well,
Mexican low (mine is black) including the Precision 57 with a handle and a touch of maple C-shape, 20 frets, gold aluminum plate with holes for thumbrest and micro cache (WARNING, holes are on the plate!), mechanics vintage turn upside down (a little unsettling at first but we made it), a bridge also vintage microphone vintage Precision Bass split, short of any ... vintage!

Question set is the ultimate in plug and play: a volume, tone, an output jack. It could hardly be simpler. At the same time, it is a Precision ...

I ordered the bass in Germany (not in Thoto, though) and it came perfectly set and ready to use in its cover, good point on that side.
Of course I would have liked to have screw holes for a thumbrest and micro cache directly and tailpiece, but hey .... a shot drill, 5 minutes, and voila! The handle is


Precision style, broad and solid that Jazz Bass at the head.
However, it is very ergonomic, we made it very quickly. Access to the treble is fairly good, but not exceptional.

The weight of the bass is, how to say ... Fenderien?! The bass is a tad heavier than my Fender Jazz Bass but she did not rolled back or shoulders when I wear it or play with on stage for 1-2 hours.

His question, as I said above, it is a bass plug & play: one branch, it grows only 2 knobs on the bass pro and it is played alone. It's not a very versatile bass, the sound does not suit me slap (plonk big slobbering on the low E string) moreover, if you have fun slapper on this model, scratching (fingernails, I presume) will appear on the plate ... Do not worry, there's just magic to rub and more stripes!


I play everything, be it jazz, funk, disco and soul, and rock. It really has everything for her finger into play, you feel the warmth of the instrument and all the chattering when using a pick. I had the opportunity to test different sets of strings, spun round and flat. The sound is just magic with the two (as we take good strings ...).

In addition to my Jazz Bass, it is wonderful and the two complement each other. If there's something I can not do with it I have it with the other and vice versa.

I got it plugged into a Hartke 30W, a Hughes & Kettner 300W, a stack Markbass an Ampeg combo (transistor) and each time, these amps did honor to the instrument.
When recording, I use AmpegSVX which combines perfectly with the Precision and is a delight to play on it with the stack SVT-CL SVT 8x10 and a slight compressor.


I have this instrument for almost 4 years. This is my third bass after Stagg (Roooooooh) and a Squier Jazz Bass (okay, a bit light at its unfortunately).
I have not really tried a lot of Precision before, just a Highway One time he y '.
I am proud of my purchase, it is the sound I was looking to complement the Jazz Bass, it has even become my primary tool in composition and the different groups that I belonged.

+ The hardware and the violin are very well made
+ A very low ergonomic
+ The vintage look at possible
+ The sound is perfect no need to turn knobs 6, just 2.
- Protection plate that does not support much (nails, sweat, shocks ,...)
- ^ I just wanted to put it, how to put a negative ...

So very very good bass, available in several colors (black, white, cream, red / pink sunburst) which has a very good sound - Aspect and his roots. Need we say more!