Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass
Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

Ignition Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

mca 12/15/2009

Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass : mca's user review


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this bass is Indonesian, which reduces the manufacturing cost. is the entry level for this kind of low. AC is a real Hofner.
The bridge is old therefore adjustable as on the jazz guitar. The handle is very round profile 50 years, loyalty to his year of birth 1956 I believe. It is narrow at nut 42mm. The strings are thereby reconciled. the pitch of 30 inches saves 20% to the vibrating length and therefore in boxes, the box is 12th at the 10th of a traditional bass. It makes the race extremely comfortable, especially for guitarists. Well it takes a few minutes of adjustment to find its bearings, as its diapaon is situated halfway between that of a guitar and a bass one. On a pitch between a Fender guitar and a gibson tune can be disrupted by a few millimeters difference, then we play dan sles both directions by 12 cm. Once it has in hand (10 minutes max) is the most comfortable bass I know.


The handle is a delight, it's fast, easy, no need to rip your fingers to nab 4 squares of amplitude. I treated him with lemon oil for the interview because he did not need for speed.

Access to acute is worthy of the best electric guitars. It's the shape.

This bass is a disconcerting lightness. that's what caught my attention first. Its small size makes it handy and very tiring. Me who is suffering from low back that suits me.

For sound, I'll change the strings for flat nets, just to get a vintage sound rounder. After his half of the body can not make audible amplifier. it's easier to train in silence. Sound does not displease me, but I like him stuck out zoom b2, difficult to judge the bass itself.


To play rock she is well. the selection system of microphones is perfect, just choose what specific customer requirements by wind switch to activate.


The value is unbeatable price is 255 euros for a Hofner bass, with the original look and impeccable violin, that difficult to do better!

To choose your eyes closed.

If you're a Beatles fan, it must be part of the harem of stringed instruments. For a guitarist who wants to get a bass is perfect.