Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass
Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

Ignition Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

Georges Mach1n 08/03/2011

Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass : Georges Mach1n's user review

« Great toy »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Black Beatles bass.
Manufactured in Asia, which means bad quality components assembled with care: The finish is good but you only get your money's worth, nothing more, the wood seems to be plywood, the tuners are really cheap.
I only got it recently and the jack came off already.
I tightened the neck and adjusted the height of the strings, with care not to go too hard on it, and the result is okay.


I read all reviews before buying this bass. They all said it had a pleasant and small neck.
Which is true, but be careful, when I say small it's really SMALL. I might have big hands (my other bass has a fat neck), but this bass feels more like a banjo! The strings are too close to each other, my fingers don't fit between them, so I play with my fingertips.


It has lots of controls but, personally, I only use one position and simply vary more or less the mids and bass controls.
It's exactly what I was expecting: It's not a double bass but it really sounds like wood! It has a truly nice and characteristic sound, although it may sound like cardboard guitar if you are too demanding. I like it a lot, but to get it sound really pro, you need a compressor, EQ, and what not.
I use it to write songs in my home studio and I could also use it for gigs, but more like a gag than a real instrument.


I've had it for several months and I'm entirely satisfied with it. I got this bass to have a different sound and it didn't disappoint me.
To me, it's a great toy, I love to play with it, it's light as a feather, you can take it anywhere with you and, in terms of looks, it rocks!

It doesn't like sound much unplugged, but you can still hear it and, since I have it lying around in the living room, I often just pick it up and start playing...and as a result I'm playing much more now than before!
It's a good value for money, since it doesn't cost much but you can have fun with it.
It's okay as a secondary bass, but definitely not as your main bass.
Otherwise, why would there be another version that costs ten times as much?