Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass
Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

Ignition Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

rodcloister 10/30/2010

Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass : rodcloister's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
For features, well it's more or less a copy Flights from the 500 / 1 that she is too CHRE, especially knowing that Macca was chosen because it was more affordable than a fender. .'s era.


First time for me as I touch this kind of low. I already had a jazz bass and a bass shortscale supersonic. For a guitarist like me who is more loving and inclination typical gibson bridge saddle diving is great.
much easier to play all the bass I've hit since I n..
narrow neck and round, very easy access to acute ... What more?


La. .. it is mainly for a, and the look we buy this kind of low:
McCartney get sound!
I've never played the real 500 / 1, but I read on forums that bcp it sounded more like its big sister the Germanic model twice as expensive in hofner china that has an inner beam ( CT500).
So yes, a very warm person, full with little sustain. the typical sound for which we turn to a Hofner. if you love the Beatles, or Air, or what his bass jazz / pop found on albums by Amy Winehouse, Medeski / martin & wood etc, this bass is for you (unless you have a bank account allowing you to invest in the German model).
pity that the German microphones can not be adjusted on the ignition, as a would be terrible m'enfin .. I have not said my last word, that student may be the question ...


Past few days.
- The sound
- Ergonomics
- The look

Negative point:

- Finishing improved (but the price ....)
- String roundwound must absolutely be changed by Flatwound (they could go home with them!) I love