Ibanez BTB400QM
Ibanez BTB400QM

BTB400QM, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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MGR/tom 01/08/2003

Ibanez BTB400QM : MGR/tom's user review

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I blought this from Daddies Junkie Music after trading in a squier p-bass for about $450. if i hadent traded the squier in, it would be about $520. I was also looking at the Fender Jazz Bass and Ibanez SRX700.

i like that the sound can have such a fat, full tone, but also has a crisp treble. this makes it better for a ton of genres of music. it can put out a powerful punchy tone needed for rock, a full fat tone for walking jazz lines, and just about any other type of sound you want. also, i like overall appearance of the bass. looks dont really matter compared to sound, but this is a very nice looking bass in my opinion. the individual-stringed bridge is in accuality easier to string than normal bridges and easier to adjust.

the only thing that i would change is the action. it came extremely low for my preferences and had too much fret buzz. however, a quick adjustment can make that go away. also, the strings that came with it were horrible, but again, a quick change fixes that. oh yeah, the cutout at the bottom of the neck makes it a little difficult to slap and pop, but not too bad.

the active EQ and nice pickups are produce a very nice sound. although it isnt as light as the soundgear series, it is perfectly balanced so that it is not a burden on my shoulders. i heard that it gets damaged easily, but i have had no problems.

if i had to choose again, i would still pick this bass. although not as good as some basses like the musicman stingray, it is perfect for its reasonable price. i think it is the bes bass you can get for the price range.

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