Ibanez BTB400QM
Ibanez BTB400QM

BTB400QM, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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MGR/Bass_Boy Pat 11/02/2004

Ibanez BTB400QM : MGR/Bass_Boy Pat's user review

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I got it from Academy of Sound in Leeds. Cost me £250 (shoulda been £430 but it was in a sale!!!)

Its a great active bass with a fantastic range of sounds achievable once you've got used to the controls. You can go from thick, heavy muddy tones to trebly funkness really easily. People have been saying about it having weak pickups and i can see where they're coming from but ive had no problems. Build quality is solid, its taken a few hits an isnt showin any signs. It stays in tune for ages too (probly cos of the monorail bridge).

Can be a bit over trebly sometimes and thres a fair bit o fret buzz round the 15-17 on all strings but i guess if you knew what you were doin you could sort that. (sadly i dont)

Very very solid. I was well impressed.

A fantastic bass well worth buying by anyone up to sort of high intermediate/low end of pro.

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