Ibanez BTB400QM
Ibanez BTB400QM

BTB400QM, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the BTB series.

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MGR/Morei Sky 03/23/2006

Ibanez BTB400QM : MGR/Morei Sky's user review

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Bought it 2nd hand off Ebay for £205, a complete bargin if you consider the retail price is around £360!

First of all, it looks stunning!!! when i first saw it, i instantly fell in love cause the shape & finish are just so smooth & still maintains a very dominant feel. In certain lights, the colour of the Bass changes colour, in low level lighting, it appears a black marble colour & then a purple/blackberry colour in high level lighting which i think is puka! On the technical side, the sound you can get from the bass is just brilliant! various tonal adjustments mean its a bass to suit various styles of music, & one final comment is that the bass has a Neutrik locking jack, meaning you dont have to worry bout accidently unplugging your lead as it can only be unplugged by pushing a button (has come in usefull on various occasions).

there honestly isn't anything i don't like about the bass, true enough when i recieved it, there was a bit of fret buss around the middle part of the neck but a quick adjustment to the truss rod sorted this. Some people say that the pickups are a bit weak, but this could just be a case of needing to bring the pickups closer to the strings. Personally I think the pickups are top notch.

Its an Ibanez so immediately you've got a qaulity Bass that is the perfect step up from a begginers to an intermidate bass. Its put together extremely well with the abillity to make adjustments to the pickups, saddles, bridge e.c.t. with ease! Another major pluss on the construction side is the use of individual bridges, not only does this look great, but the practical side means that there is hardly any unwanted vibrations caused to the strings (e.g. you can play an open E on the 4th string without it causing unwanted vibrations to the other strings)

I was lucky enough to get the bass for a bargain price, but i would be more then willing to pay the retail price as the bass is well worth the money!!!

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