Ibanez EDB600
Ibanez EDB600
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Jojolepoivro 07/15/2004

Ibanez EDB600 : Jojolepoivro's user review


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Frabriqu in Japan as many of the instruments ibanez brands Japonnaise this is a rve
-24 Frets on rosewood fingerboard
-2 Phat EQ microphones
EQ-active EQB3
3-part round EDB4
Church requires active, this wonder possess five pots
the volume of course
The pickup selector
equalization and the acute, medium, severe


The handle is rounded enjoyable vrment trs trs while both end with a accsa any notes trs ais even the 24 th that may be of low sales
My only regret and weight of 8kg incroyableprs, Dos fragile refrain!
the sound is good and I trs PSE my words I play on a Hartke amp Kicback home is perfection and before a kickback j'tait Peavy, the height of the silent amp


Admittedly this is not low for Jazzeux but for Mtalleux
Kickback jobtient on my perfect sound, I add a Bigg Muff for distortion, and a cry baby bass for the wha-wha and a sound worthy of jobtient Slayer
greasy while still attacking !!!!!
that is with the gibson thunderbird 4, Spector Euro 4 and ESP Tom Araya, the best bass in the subject of his and + is the least CHRE 570E


It's been 3 years I have taken possession of me before I give jou a Yamaha RBX250 (you can feel the difference)
The report price is exellent quality because the bass is unique and his too!
I do not regret this purchase and can highly recommend it!