Ibanez GSR200
Ibanez GSR200

GSR200, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the GIO Soundgear series.

MGR/ctargia 05/04/2010

Ibanez GSR200 : MGR/ctargia's user review

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Jewel Blue Finish

I bought this at Guitar Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in April of 2002 for $200, it was my first bass.


This is a great beginner bass, it as great sound and playability. It will definitely last a long time and has good resale value. It is surely a better choice them some other beginner basses that are not made of sufficient quality. This bass will not let you down, it has a good tone for rock genres and will last you a long time.

Is not the high quality, but you get what you pay for, I prefer neck-through compared to bolt on design, and a stronger wood on the neck than rosewood. And I prefer a bass with 24 frets, this only has 22.

Good construction and quality, I did have an issue years ago were the screw that held in the strap at fallen out, some toothpicks and glue later, I re-screwed it in and it held up for years after that. Other then that I can't really complain about the construction, it lasted me 8 years and then I sold it for half the retail price, this thing can handle it.

Great first bass that wont break your budget! If your a pro, look elsewhere.

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