Jeff_le_bassiste 06/23/2005

Music Man StingRay 4 : Jeff_le_bassiste's user review


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This is a United States, with the original microphone, the rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck, active electronics with volume four buttons, acute, medium and severe


It is heavy but well balanced, not tiring.
The settings of the active electronics provide a stunning variety of sounds, especially since there is only one microphone!
The in-game settings are facilitated by the existence of a "notch" in the middle of the rotation of the potentiometers.
Fast enough, we identify two or three sounds you need, and can be found easily.
For example:
- "Big sound" all settings to half;
- "Cool jazz": acute and medium at 0, severe back
- "Jazzy solo" half acute, severe back
- To be heard without touching the volume control, just get a bit of medium ... etc ...


Everything we can play with this bass. You're in luck: my group is very eclectic in a style sometimes rock, sometimes jazz, with gentle ballads and classic rock pulse.
I play without effects box, sometimes connected directly to the sound, sometimes with a little amp Peavey Basic 40 (an ancient, but strong, that sounds good).


I have three years.
I'm also a Welson (an ancient Italian!), The Fender Jazz Bass (Mexican and United States one) and a German clone (Hohner) Fender precision bass and an Ibanez which I forgot the model accurate.
It is at least as good as the Fender Jazz Bass States and significantly outperforms all others.
It is a low rather expensive. I bought mine used in 1100 euros, nine state really, and I think I've done a great deal for my pleasure to play.
It is perfect agreement: the provision of the fourth key is a bit confusing at first.
The strings I have, and I did not need to change in three years, have a defect: their thread is a little hard on the fingers of both hands, in the long run. I will find out if there is something less abrasive, without falling flat in the thread ...
If I had to change it (except for theft or fire, I do not see what might happen to him, it is rock solid!), I would buy the same or I am tempted by the new model, which aesthetics is less original but, as a result, more discreet than I with his "pickguard" egg-shaped black on the body in light beech veined.