e-axe le vieux 03/28/2003

Music Man StingRay 4 : e-axe le vieux's user review


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United States 4 strings bass
The handle is a rgal in stocky, I bec A model with rosewood fingerboard. He slides his own.
Only one microphone, twice (the pav MusicMan what).
1 volume, 3 tone active (acute mdiums, bass) with corrections trs effective. SETTING THE big influence on mdiums two other tones!
Trs good quality construction and good hardware rev. Weight and reasonable comfort (for bass).
Accs stack: fastoche.


In use, the comfort of the handle is a references. Good ergonomics of the instrument gnral.
The sound is rglage trs effective correction of the assets.


Bass tones as they are waiting. Rvolutionnaire nothing but the solid, the basic seat. In short bass.
It is a versatile bass, not a low extreme.


I am a guitarist and I wanted to do with a pretty low mumuse (visible on my profile). Yes, it sr, I have not taken the first toy. My specifications silent to have something comfortable and basic. Contract completed OEE is comfortable and the sound suits me everything. The appearance of low active, even if the enlve ct roots, more freedom of amne rglage all as simple trs. And I'm not a purist, the bass is a complment for me, then too bad for the roots ct.
When I have money and NCESS I plug it into a bass amp that will be more worthy (one 15 ").

I have long hsit with the Jazz Bass, super bass also, as in the active version. H h j'hsite yet!

Will there any other real bass (not like me) who will share his view on this beautiful instrument?