James... 01/29/2012

Music Man StingRay 4 : James...'s user review

« feels so good »

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Humbucking pickup. 3 band EQ. Maple neck. Alder body. Schaller tuners. Yep. What else to say?


I went to get a bass for my studio and didn't really have a price point. Just basically I was thinking to get the best bass I could find and not spend over 3k. My primary goal was to find something really versatile. I didn't expect to get a humbucking only bass. The first thing I realized when I picked it up was how ridiculously good it felt. It looks quite heavy but it isn't as heavy as you would think. The neck has an oiled finish that feels better and plays faster than pretty much any neck I've ever played. Action is amazing. The bridge is wonderful. Tuners are good. This thing never...and i repeat never goes out of tune. I know it sounds like I am really praising the heck out of this bass but it is seriously that good feeling.


The humbucker pickup is misleading because it suggests this bass is a one trick pony. The truth is that by using the eq knobs you can make this sound like anything. P bass or jazz bass or whatever. It can do those sounds if you dial it in right. I think a lot of single coil players get turned off by the look but try it and I bet you will love it. It has a very full and rumbling tone overall. Not high gain. You can't help but love the sound through a good half stack cranked up. It's just face melting. I use it in the studio most of the time with a number of direct boxes and DI amps. It always sounds great. I do think this bass sounds even better played loud in a live situation and I am sad I can't play it out much.


I think my favorite thing about my stingray is how ridiculously fun it is to play and how good it feels in the hands. Seems like whenever i pick it up I feel like I'm having fun. It's just a fun instrument for lack of a better word. Kind of like a good les paul feels. It is not your classic fender bass design or anything. It's very modern in feel and sound. So I can't say bass purists are going to love it. Still...it's worth anyone checking out. You don't see these used as much as you used to. It's a shame. Seems like music man keeps making them better every year.