MGR/alex verlander 06/01/2003

Music Man StingRay 4 : MGR/alex verlander's user review

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i purchased this bass guitar from rimmers home of music, leyland, england. it cost £1030

the playability was unreal. slapping wasy ace!!!

the pole pieces on the pickup went rusty after 6weeks, and the neck seemed untreated as it was filthy after 6 weeks!


biggest mistake i ever made! i went from a fender pbass (mexican) to a music man stingray simply because id heard so much about them and when i played it the in shop i was satisfied! then i got to know it and disliked it! i have now just traded it in for a fender usa precision bass with a maple neck and this is so much better! however, it cost me the musicman stingray and £115 for the usa pbass. so in truth, i paid £1145 for an £880 bass guitar! but i had to have it!

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