MGR/Augustinas 04/27/2008

Music Man StingRay 4 : MGR/Augustinas's user review

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I play the bass for 16 years now in a various bands. Most often I play rock, blues, jazz, funk and sometimes classical music. My favourite genre of music is rock (I like it from 8 ears old).

I bought this Stingray 1 month ago at for 1365 USD.

I like almost everything about it. My bass is transparent gold with maple neck. Very good looking, extremely good rocking sound, awesome slap sound, active electronics (9 V power supply) with treble, middle and bass controllers, which gives you more tonal variations from solid and massive to sharp and high sound.

Unfinished neck. I affraid that it will become dirty after some time Anyway this natural maple is wery nice for my left hand.

Very strong, good done. I think it won't break even cracked to the wall.

It's probably the best bass I've ever had. Since I really like to play rock, Music Man Stingray is right bass for me.

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