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tjon901 08/21/2011

Peavey T-40 : tjon901's user review

« Super Solid Bass »

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This was one of Peaveys first bass guitars. You can tell it was one of their first because this thing is super over built. The T-40 had the body that the other T guitars had. There were a line of guitars that had a body just like it. These basses are super strong and rugged. It feels like you are playing a tree. The manual says this guitar has a solid "hardwood" body. I guess hardwood and heavy wood mean the same thing because this bass is like 15 pounds. The neck is a rock maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. The neck is medium size and has 20 frets. The scale on the neck is 34 inches. You get two humbuckers in this bass that can be split with a clever tone control system. The bass has two volume controls and two tone controls. There is a 3 way selector and also a phase switch.


This bass has a super solid feel to it. It feels like you are playing a tree. The bass is super heavy with its "hardwood" body. It is about 15 pounds. The bridge looks like it is off a battleship and looks like it weighs 5 pounds itself. The tone circuit on this bass is pretty cool. The pickups are splitable humbuckers. You split the coils with the tone control but it is not a push pull pot. When either control is above 7 that pickup will be a single coil. From 7 downward is pure humbucker. This is pretty cool because the single coil gets you nice crisp high end like you want when you have the tone wide open and the humbucker gives you a thick darker sound like what you are looking for when you roll off the tone control.


This bass not only has a super solid feel it has a wide variety of tone. You can go from super deep and dark neck pickup tones to the twangiest bridge single coil tone. The tone control pickup split is a great way to split pickups. It really shows they know what people use their basses for. All the classic passive bass sounds are possible with this setup. You can go from a super deep Gibson EB bass ton to a fighter twangy Fender bass tone. All with very simple switching and controls. The Phase switch is pretty useless. It takes the bass from sounding good to sounding bad. They should just call it a sucky tone swtich.


If you see one of these for sale somewhere for like 200 dollars you shouldnt just ignore it. This bass can blow away just about every other passive bass thats less than 1000 dollars and it is lightyears ahead of what you can normally get for 200 dollars. The build quality on this bass is superb. It was made in America and the bass is very overbuilt. Everything on the bass feels heavy duty. If you see one of these basses and if you are man enough to handle the weight you should buy one.