Squier MB-4 Bass
Squier MB-4 Bass

MB-4 Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Modern Bass series.

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Impirius 02/15/2004

Squier MB-4 Bass : Impirius's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The MB-4 is produced in Indonsie (which Reduces the cot, but I t surprised at the quality, it has 22 frets, pickups style of P & J. There three rglages: Volume, Tone and slecteur.


The neck is thin and comfortable, perfect for slapping and is DGIG along its entire length, thereby accder all frets. It is a lightweight and versatile instrument. I t tonn by comparing the instrument of Godin, Fender and Ibanez, the vast range of sounds that can be produced by the MB-4. I had the choice to replace it with a more expensive instrument because the very first time I t victim of a default on the instrument manufacturing. DCID I replace the MB-4 with an identical instrument because of its jouabilit and sound. Excellent qualitprix. I have found as much quality in a much more Godin CHRE.


I can vary the mtal to rock and funk into a sound that adquate. I use a Fender Rumble amp. The sound of the MB-4 is one of the clearest I have given t heard, and also one of the fat. On the SETTING THE Tone is really excellent. We can do a good slapping, tapping the light and heavy rock with only a few rglages simple and intuitive.


I possde the MB-4 last year, the only default that I have found is that the edges of the pickups are sharp. Just file them or add protective, what I did. The handle allows a good fast and it has lots of cargo, compared with the P-Bass. I tried a Squier P-Bass, a Fender jazz bass and (Brive) an Alembic. The alembic I liked, but c'tais above my means. This is definitely the instrument which has the best quality price t given me to see. This is an excellent instrument for the price. My next purchase will probably be a pro-Tobias conklin groove 6 or 5, but the price is suprieur twice in both cases.