Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick Corvette $$ 4

Corvette $$ 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Corvette series.

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thegoofisonfire 01/23/2009

Warwick Corvette $$ 4 : thegoofisonfire's user review


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Warwick not necessarily synonymous with quality!
A handle 24 frets, scale 34 "
a high action at the start, hard to fall, making it a low slappeur, see bastonneur!
big sound, 2 humbucker pickups with passive switches on each pickup (single coil, double parallel or serial), a 2-channel preamp (severe acute +) it is a fact !!!!!!!!!
what makes it least that's the problems I encountered with the handle: the screw was blocked and can not set the handle!
Then there was the nut adjustable graphite case.
the strap locks Warwicks wear so decided very quickly to the point where I only had time for my ratrapper low accuracy, because it was taken down! :-S
and finally for a bass that is close to € 1500 in nine ds stores in France, I expected a stronger patent, and the painting of acastillages.
the bridge in part 2 is great, if that goes wrong is not alone!


Its a pig with a high level, with switches on the microphones that can go out every possible sounds, from jazz to musicman bass. always with his woodlot and a high level!
The handle is pretty special. It is holding a baseball bate the top, and refined as and as we approach the 12th box, for access to the very acute nature!!
given the number of possible combinations of microphones, and the drastic effect of preamp, there will be a little time to adapt!!


Size is very impressive run for the woods and resonance.
the beautiful rumbles like thunder on the finger, and slap the sound is crystal clear!!
large output level!
For my part I use ropes EBS 105-45!


it sounds great, is versatile, BUT:
I had this bass new, and puzzling qd seriously brand warwick!
Even if the sound is everything for this low price (+ to 1 minimum wage) the fintion aged very badly!!