Warwick Thumb NT 4
Warwick Thumb NT 4

Thumb NT 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb NT series.

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SYL6 01/22/2013

Warwick Thumb NT 4 : SYL6's user review


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- Made in Germany hand (model de1990)
- 26 frets, 5 strings
- Bubinga body
- Channel wenge / bubinga 7 ply
- Key wenge
- Electronic 9V
- Micro EMG J x2
- Bridge warwick
- Nut a nut juice: former model, each string can be set separately
- Channel crossing

Precision construction warwick:
Until 1996 warwick wenge used for sleeves and EMG until 1990. In 1990 there are models with EMG and the first models in MEC.
Since 1996 warwick uses ovangkol to handle and ebony for the key.

Having tried the two types of construction, for me there is a big difference between the two. Detail in the next section.


The handle is nice yes! The handle is slightly asymmetric models before 1996 bcp and its thickness is more pleasing to my taste than the ovangkol handle. The strings are spaced less on older models and the space between the strings and the body between the neck and the neck pickup is smaller than the new models important to know for the slap.
I prefer the old short sleeves! In addition, she is 23 years old and the handle has not changed a bit.

The ergonomics of the bass is very good, the rear is widened as the streamer and spector for comfort.
Against by weight, this is not it. The thumb nt 5 is heavy and yes the balance is not great. Some say that if you play it goes up more than it did not bother but the fact is, because of the small body, it tends to spike head and I find it boring for this low quality.

If you like playing with the handle perpendicular to your body it will pass without worry, if you like the handle rather play near you very statement is already more difficult. It feels less about the new models, the weight is a little less consistent and therefore the balance is a little better but this is not the best either.

Access to acute is very simple even 26 th rope Si


The sound of the Thumb is the Thumb! It is a sound of its own and that is why we love him. It can growl like no other bass.

One can easily get a vintage sound and very sharp compared to what you might think. For my part, I have no equalization medium because I am still under the old mail.
What also impressed me is the sustain of this bass is really good.
You can get a sound varied but always with the grain of its own.

Recording sound is also nickel.


I use it for six months after having tried several versions. I tried a fretless 1989, a thumb nt 5 of 2006, a thumb nt 5 of 2009 and my choice fell on a thumb nt 5 of 1990. The top was to find a model between 90 and 95 with micro dude, 3-band EQ and 18V power supply as on some models.
I tried thumb and streamer stage 2 in 1996. I almost cracked the streamer but especially the thumb side won.

What I like about warwick is that it is reliable and good sound. For example, all the screw holes are threaded iron, it seems not important, but it is reliable over time. There are many settings (bridge, microphone, nut)

I think for a low over € 3000 new Warwick should find a way to balance this low because everything else is great.

I remake this choice, but for a model as shown above.