Warwick Thumb NT 4
Warwick Thumb NT 4

Thumb NT 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb NT series.

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chab5 02/14/2014

Warwick Thumb NT 4 : chab5's user review


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Made in Germany in June 1997
So warwick bridge type two-piece
Neck through wenge / bubinga 7 part
26 frets brass (brass)
Bubinga body (therefore rather heavy)
volume / balance / bass / mid / treble
The hooks are embedded in the bass, it's dunlop straplocks, I tried not to go with warwick fortunately I already had a dunlop strap. The hook side bridge is not in the classic position but a little higher, it probably improved the balance, it does not sting.
The body has a curved shape conforming to the can: D


The neck is super nice, its profile is in C and not in U as some warwick I've tried (in fact I have two warwick and they are both C profile). So do not take offense at the sleeves warwick log etc etc just to specify when ordering or getting the right neck profile on a secondhand.
Weight, well it is quite heavy, heavier than my corvette 5 string, but me personally I like the heavy instruments, they feel good, and then usually heavy on a rich and grainy sound wood on the bottom spectrum (not necessarily as muddy shovels mahogany Gibson eh!)
Access to acute is excellent, with 26 frets are easily reached the 24th.
Very comfortable to wear due to its excellent ergonomics (body shape)
Easily obtained a good sound, but beware a very distinctive sound ... lower as a result


The sounds are very rich, with low most granular mediums I know.
This bass with well dense and heavy wood will naturally lean towards more serious sound, this is why the config microphones is shifted towards the bridge together, which gives the final midrange sounds, but the medium "thick" .
The only slight flaw I can find this bass is the treble, I'm used to much snapping and biting with my corvette doublebuck.
I play on my stack Ampeg SVT classic + 810th concert and rehearsal or a small stack TH350 Aguilar SL112 + baffle me.
This low when put in config pickup clears the finest mediums that I've ever heard, this is probably one of the best candidates for Unshrinking (a luthier huh).
Jeroen Paul Thesseling uses passive fretless Thumb NT 6 mounted Bartolini, and frankly what a pity that Jaco did not live long enough to hear the sounds of the thumb!
In fact the final this bass is a little very grainy side but with a musicman warwick grain growing and a thicker sound mediums.


I use it for about a month. Basically I was gone for the opportunity to research a streamer or a Spector NS 4 USA or a bongo, not streamer on the horizon, bongo there was only the nine too expensive for my budget. I tried a spector europa, not convinced, the strings were my age ... not whether or not it was good and I liked the preamp NOT dutout. Then among warwick shelf there were two thumb: a BO 4 strings period end 2000s, tried, handle not nice U unconvincing tone (I am also very demanding I admit), and then there was the thumb NT 4 to 97, the ropes were rinsed, but knowing these basses, I have tested to evaluate the low mids, and that even with rinsed strings I could feel the great potential of this bass and comfort.
It cost me 1700 euros used, but I'm pretty happy new it cost 3500/4000 euros anyway.

I think I do it again this choice when I'm in the NT but for a 6 fretless passive thumb in bartolini to feed me one of the most outrageously beautiful its existing fretless!