Warwick Thumb NT 4
Warwick Thumb NT 4

Thumb NT 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Thumb NT series.

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Postmortem 03/25/2012

Warwick Thumb NT 4 : Postmortem's user review

«  when the trees start to groove »

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_Warwick German, good mine is not comparable to the current, it is 88 ', made in West Germany.

_ Bubinga body, all-round Wenge (yes slightly different as I said)

_ 26 frets, active electronics both bands (not arf mediums) but we forgive him ... but no EMG pickups MEC assets (much better).

_the bass looks solid, it is older than me and is doing better ... ahlala.


COMPARED _Alors if I stick to that of my 5 string bubinga corvette is quite similar except in the treble, there is more rounded and quicker.

_l'ergonomie énormissime is the comfort. The bass is heavy but it's no worse than my corvette.

_The Her ... hahaha go under. ;)


_I Am bassist in a group of death / thrash metal. I split fingers, slapping, percussive tapping and conventional, a little mediatore (sooooo much).

_as My corvette at any time she did let go by ... against me I could let go indeed. ^ ^

_This Is fabulous with this bass is that you do not know or is its limitations, it can do everything and if it can not is that the guy who does not want to scratch.

_Moi Personal with my corvette as I researched a lot but growl sound that pierces the mix and especially the media who keeps to support all the bins. Well I found bingo except now it's more than a musicman growl at mediatore.

_Alors Name D *** the EMG is right as MEC, MEC as it pierces, it growle as MEC, but it is infinitely more POTATO, the dream of every metalhead.


_The Low in my life I think we will see over time. In any case it was the century of secondhand that's certain.

_The Report qulité price is great knowing that this bass was already 24 years.

_I Do it again this choice.