Yamaha BB300
Yamaha BB300

BB300, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the BB series.

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MGR/Bob Petro 09/02/2010

Yamaha BB300 : MGR/Bob Petro's user review

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Mine is a Black finish with a 34' neck. I changed to flat wounds since I play with my fingers and didn't want to shew them up. Plus I like the soft sound they project. I primarily plat The Beatles and most 60's tunes. I've been playing for over 40 years and taught myself how to play on a 6 string acoustic my older brother had. My tastes in music are Classic Rock, The Beatles, Smooth Jazz and Classical, which is very relaxing.

My BB300 was a father's day gift back in 1986. My wife bought it for me and this guitar has sentimental value and I will never sell it. The bass has been trustworthy and loyal to it's heritage. My wife has great taste since she has no clue on guitars and was going strictly on the advice of the music store owner. What a choice and what a recommendation. Yamaha makes top notch electronics and this Bass is a testament to the value and quality of the BB series.

The feel of this BB300 is so smooth and silky. What a great bass it is. I loved it the second I held it. It's not overly heavy. I've owned a Rickenbacker and I can honestly say I love the BB300 more. I sold the Ricky a long time ago but my BB300 will die with me.

Nothing. It's perfect.

Excellent construction. Never been in a shop for repair. Quality.

This classic BB300 is more valuable than a new bass guitar of similar price and features. If anyone wants a great bass look up the BB300 and get ready to pay a handsome price for a handsome bass guitar.

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