Yamaha BB300
Yamaha BB300

BB300, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the BB series.

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MGR/Ben 10/22/2002

Yamaha BB300 : MGR/Ben's user review

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I am a genuine bass beginner. I mean never played a guitar ever. Our praise band at church needed a bass player so I thought I would step up to the challenge. I went to all of the music stores in town. I didn't have a clue as to what I was really looking for. All of the shops were pushing the gig packs. I tried out all of the brands of gig pack basses and they all seemed really cheap and flimsy. I started looking at the used bass sections and started seeing all of the Fender P-Bass models. They all played nice but I was trying to stay under $400 with guitar, practice amp, stand, strap, book, and bag/case. I ended up plinking on lots of Fender's but really like this Yamaha BB300 that I found at Music Go Round. It was $200. Pretty good shape compared to a lot of the Fender's. New strings and just handled great. I bought it and I love it so far.

I really like the heavy feel of this bass. It just feels like you've got an instrument in your hand. The sound seems nice and round. Not spectacular like the real expensive bass's, but for $200 it sounds great. It stays in tune all night practicing. The neck is nice and solid and is easy to move on. For a first time bass this is a lot more than I figured I would get.

As I stated earlier it is heavy. Playing for a long time with it does stress the shoulder some, but it is sturdy and stays in tune. There is nothing else that I don't like about it.

Sturdy quality bass. Solid and does not feel cheep considering it's made in Taiwan. I've played Yamaha brass instruments and they have always been made well. This bass is absolutely great quality.

For the prices these units are going for, about $200 on average, they are a lot of bang for the buck. I'll keep this one around for a long time.

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