Yamaha BB300
Yamaha BB300

BB300, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the BB series.

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MGR/Drake Johnson 12/23/2007

Yamaha BB300 : MGR/Drake Johnson's user review

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I've been playing for decades. I play guitar, bass, keys, drums, etc.

I got my BB300 16 years ago in a pawn shop in Akron, Ohio when I was passing through. I probably paid $150. I was in the middle of a recording project and needed a bass really quickly and so I bought it. Amazingly I liked it and so I still have it!

Solid sound and generally stays in excellent intonation. It has been totally workable and I've recorded with it a lot.

In comparison to a Fender P-bass, I've preferred the BB300. I mention this for reference. The P-bass has much faster action and is more balanced, but the tone of the BB300 has been more consistently workable for me in my musical creations.

The neck is way too heavy and the action is really slow. It's really hard to play fast and quick. It's good for beginner type playing, but for a lot of the sounds I want in my recordings that really isn't a problem. It rounds out the harmonic structure well in a solid bass sort of way. It's sound is roundy and full (which I like, but is a limitation).

If you want to get a lot better, you'd have to upgrade, but I mostly play guitar, so for me I've never found the need to get another bass.

Solid and well constructed in a quality, utilitarian sort of way. It has a good tone and has served me well.

Absolutely excellent in it's price range. I wouldn't pay more for it, but it presents it self very well in recordings. The BB300 is a very forgiving instrument for the studio. I would not look forward to playing it for a lot of live gigs because the neck is so heavy.

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