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MGR/Spencer W. 11/07/2004

DigiTech RP100 : MGR/Spencer W.'s user review

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i got my RP100 for christmas from and it costed around $80. I had had my guitar for a while (not a very good one) and i thought it would be fun to get something to make playing guitar more exciting.

It combines many interesting effects into one unit at a reasonable price. A good product for a beginner guitarist. It has a cool drum simulator. Pretty cool different amp types to simulate through the pedal.

The effects don't sound excellent...hard to customize your own effects... causes a jumble of cords... you need to buy your own adaptor plug (batteries don't last very long)... lots of effects sound the same (loud and distorted)

I would say pretty good quality. An individual pedal for each effect would sound better... but it would be much more money and maybe harder to work with. I think that the RP100 would be better if it had more buttons on it, making the process of creating your own effects easier. I just find that the way it's built makes the pedal difficult to work with.

If you want 40 effects, get this. I have found that i think i would rather have like 6 seperate pedals... each with their own effect. I would describe this as "so-so". Not excellent, just okay. I would instead find out which effects you would want to use with your guitar.

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