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MGR/mikey jensen 03/21/2005

DigiTech RP100 : MGR/mikey jensen's user review

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This was a gift given my by my dad for my birthday a little over a year ago. He paid $160 Canadian for it. It was bought at a store in Fort Frances Ontario Canada.

The Unit does have a lot of sounds and effects. It's easy to program (although it takes a long time) and generally easy to use. It would be an alright pedal for beginners doing their first recordings. It really is a beginner's tool. But for those people who don't have a lot of money, or nice equipment, it basically does the trick for practice or studio.

I would NEVER use this pedal live. I've played a lot of shows since i got it, and i've never taken it to any of them. there is absolutely NO volume synchronization between effects. the distortions are way to loud compared to the soft sounds. If you ever have to switch between soft to distortion in a song, PRAY that you have a nice volume pedal.

It's also not very sturdy. 2 of the nobs have broken off, and all of a sudden, the built in tuner started thinking my C tuning was a G# tuning. i have no idea how that happened. So now i need to borrow my bassists tuner for gigs.

the construction is simple, medal casing around cheap plastic buttons. The casing feels sturdy, but the buttons feel really easy to break (as they are) and like i said earlier, the sound quality is passable.

Bottom line, If you are a beginner, and you do some studio work, and dont have a lot of money, than this is an alright pedal. You will need to spend time reprogramming the settings, and you will end up replacing it eventually, but it's an alright pedal in a pinch. but NEVER use it live unless you have a nice volume pedal that wont change pitch.

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