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MGR/An unhappy review from a friend of The Eliza B 01/25/2003

DigiTech RP300 : MGR/An unhappy review from a friend of The Eliza B's user review

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One of the members in the band bought it. A dealer where he bought it told him it was the highest of quality at that price.

I hate to say it, but I dislike this more than Satan and I'm a christian. No, I'm kidding. I'm not a christian.

Everything. Let's start with the distortion. I've played with many processors before(like Zoom, Ibanez, and for crying out loud even Peavy pedals) and this had the worst distortion options available. Too many names, vitually the same thing. It all sounds fake. I especially love the cabinet feature which switches your sound between cotton balls in your ears and ear bleeding sharp. The effects like detune, chorus, etc. are ridiculous in this unit. It turns your guitar and amp into an effects machine for Star Wars. (Which is a great movie series, by the way.) In other words the effects are useless to offer a serious sound. The delay isn't too bad. Yet, the reverb sounds either none existent or overdone.

It could be buit like a tank. (Which almost is, and you could really say is the only thing they did right.) The fact remains true that "it's not what's on the outside...but how it sounds!!!"

Well friends, I guess the bottom line is:
"If you're going to by cheap, by smart."

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