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MGR/Andy 02/02/2003

DigiTech RP300 : MGR/Andy's user review

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Bought it at Daddy's Junky Music in Portland, Maine for $179.00. I was not too pleased with the store, because the unit was a demo and they couldn't find the manual at first and I don't think the power supply is the right one.

I like the range of effects. You can spend hours tweaking each effect to your liking. The presets are pretty good, although there are some that I will have no use for and some are just down-right annoying. The cabinet modeling is pretty good, and the ability to model the different mike positions really gives you a lot of tone possibilities. I like the ability to re-store your own creations in place of the factory ones, but the factory presets are still saved as well.

The pedals are too close together! When jamming with my band I kept stomping on two at a time. Also, the wah pedal is too close to the third pedal and my heel keeps slipping over and activating it. And don't hold down too long on the selection pedals or you will rip right through the different presets. It takes some practice to use this thing. Also, my unit keeps crapping out on me during jamming, but that might be because I have the wrong power cable.

Construction is OK, but could be better. I wouldn't drop this thing.

I kind of wish I had looked around a little more. This unit does the job for the most part, but I am sure there are better ones on the market for the same price.

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