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MGR/David Espinoza 05/16/2004

DigiTech RP300 : MGR/David Espinoza's user review

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I got this effects unit at the local music store 'cause my individual effect pedals were giving me too much of a hassle. I normally prefer analog pedals over Digital/Modeling pedals, but as it was getting hard to maintain, I decided to go for a full effects digital unit. I went for this unit because of Digitech's fame for good products

I bought this unit for $200.
There's a lot to like about this unit, considering the price and the size. I have to say that I was positively surprised at the creative potential with this unit. First off, the distortion. It is my experience that digital distortions and overdrives are just not good at all, however the distortions on this unit are, to say the least, awesome. The Marshall and Fender models sound really good. I am quite sure that the original amps probably sound better, but let me tell ya, for all of us who don't have the money, Digitech sure is a lifesaver.
The digital effects, are also very good. Delay and chorus are very clear and have lots of configuration options for you to play with. The phaser, flanger, tremolo, wah and compression are all really good, in my opinion. The other effects I don't really use much. The yaya, the synthtalk I haven't much use for them, I'm more into blues rock and so I use them little, but they're an interesting creative tool. The pitch shift and whammy were not that good, but I definitely forgive that considering the quality of the other effects. Listen everybody, if you want a good and cheap guitar processor, this is it. I mean, it sounds great connected directly to the console!! The speaker simulations are very good.
You have to remember that you can't just use the presets, you have to make your own sound, and the unit is very easy to operate so that you can do just that. Also, you have to be aware of what each effect is capable of doing. If someone says that this unit stinks is because they haven't explored it or exploited it, and probably 'cause they know diddly squat about effects, it is not necessarily the unit's fault.
Anyway, going on, some other features that I really like are the A/B switch for switching amps, which is awesome for changing to distortion while retaining your effects, or to a louder sound, for solos and stuff. Also the V-switch which lets you turn the wah on or off on whatever preset you are on, just like if you had the individual pedal.

The only thing that I don't like, that I might mention about this unit, is the fact that it takes a small moment to switch from preset to preset, as if maybe, the unit processes a little slow. However, it is not noticeable on live presentations. In the studio (hehehe, my room, you could call it also) I record effect switches separately, so this is not a problem.

Now, the unit is encased in a metal chassis, and so it's pretty durable, pretty sturdy.

If you are an entry level player, looking for a good, cheap effects unit, this is it. Heck, if you middle level player, this a good unit.
Worth the $200 I paid for it, and more.

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