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MGR/Tony Pinto 01/20/2003

Korg Ax100g : MGR/Tony Pinto's user review

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I purchased it off of an auction for $120 in a slightly used condition. It looks like it is unused however.

The consistently good sound quality on virtually all the effects is markedly better than my previous effects box. Also the extraordinary array of choices makes insures that you can locate that sound you are after. With a built in rhythm track it also makes practice fun and probably more productive.

There is very little I do not like about this devise. Perhaps the fact that the various switches have such tiny labels makes it hard to locate which switch is the one you are after. Of course as I become more familiar with the box this will become less of an issue. Also on many of the programmed setups the pedal switch only adjusts the volume which really is not so useful.

It seems well built and pretty sturdy and the design is well thought out, even having clips for the power cord and the cord from your guitar. Seems like it would hold up well during normal use.

I am extremely pleased with this effects box. It is a quantam leap in quality compared to my zoom 505 which was dismal in terms of sound. While there are a few programs that seem to be worthless, most seem usuable as is without any tweeking. You do have the ability to adjust settings so you can fit it more to your liking. Perhaps I would go with a better box if money were no issue but this is very high quality for a great price.

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