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MGR/Andy Naylor 09/21/2003

Korg Ax100g : MGR/Andy Naylor's user review

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I Bought this pedal at my local music store, Rimmers music, in a sale for £120.

This pedal does pretty much every thing, and for a beginner it is an amazing pedal, and as long as you have the booklet for if you won't have any problems with it, but if you don't you better get one.

when i first bought this I thought it was amazing and it did every thing i wanted it to, but as i progressed and started to play long solos i started to notice that the sustain isn't great and really it needs a compressor to give it that extra boost.

this thing looks very plasticy, not suprising for the price, but it is made extremly well. Mine has had wine spilt on it, it has been dropped plenty of times and has been pounded by my feet for 2 years now and nothing has gone wrong with it, it doesn't even have a scratch.

this is a great pedal for its price, but really its for begginers, but when you progress just add a compressor , or do what i did and buy a Marshall stack and loads of seprate marshall pedals.

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