Power Bibi 07/17/2008

Korg Ax1g : Power Bibi's user review


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Everything has already been said!

30 effects.
An expression pedal (wah / vol / modulation type chorus and delay, ...)
2 buttons for forward and backward through the presets selected.
Editable digital effects.
Connections: In / Out


Very easy to use. No major flaws in design.
I just had a problem regarding the volume of output when I bypass the effect and have the direct sound of the amp. Indeed, playing to a reasonable level and bypassing the pedal, I find myself with a clear sound almost inaudible (at least not enough) and we see the diff direct level. Ultimately, we must create a preset sound clear, but hey, not that great anyway.


To summarize:

the distos: Cold and a bit too sharp sometimes loaded ... But hey it's sometimes appropriate to certain contexts.
Modulations: Chorus correct (not too hot either), pretty good Delays, Phaser / Flanger not bad but I'm not a fan of this type vraimment effect.
The Wha / Voice box: Not too typed correctly but no more.
The compressor ... I see no diff ...
Various: Sampler, vraimment nice (that's why I keep the pedal) but bcp too short (2s) Harmonizer / Pitch not tops in the sense that there is a big gap between the note played and when it is processed ...


In short, I bought it in 98 opportunities to broaden my sound design. It served me well although I have not been used since the qq months.

His +:
- Sound sampler mm so limited (but today you can find better bcp)
- The ability to take sounds from space

His -:
- Sounds pretty cool overall

Still a good little cheap pedal for those who want to learn guitar and / or discover the types of effects that exist.